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Nextra Hammertoe System
NextraFootThe Objective and Strategy
Repeatable good outcomes through precision and innovation

The Key
Optimized Screw Threads and the innovative RevLock™
Precision Locking System are designed to create extraordinary implant purchase to further enhance an ideal bone-healing environment – every time.

The fist and only Implant Designed to Offer:

  • Superiour Bone Purchase
  • RevLock™ Adjustable Locking Feature
  • Retained Compression
  • 2-Piece Precision Insertion
  • Natural Angulation

To see this system in action, click here.   (video will take a moment to load)

  Conventus Ortho
Conventus DRS System

80% Less Invasive

  • Surgical access compared to plating techniques

One Solution

  • Extra-articular
  • Intra-articular
  • Shear
  • Collapse
  • Comminuted
  • Simple to complex fractures

Angle-Stable Versatility

  • Enables patient specific reduction and fixation

90% Less External Hardware

  • Less potential for long-term hardware related complications
  • Designed to reduce 11% published re-operation rate for volar plating

Stable Foundation

  • 20% more articular support than volar looking plates

To view a surgical video on this product, click on link below and scroll down to "Products" image and click.

Conventus DRS System Video

Re+Line Bunion Correction System

  • RelineEasy insertion and medial placement accuracy
    using Landmark™ Guide technology
  • IMaximized and repeatable uniform compression
    across osteotomy site
  • Stable Fixation of the Metatarsal Head
  • Reduces Soft Tissue Disruption
  • Maximizes Fusion Surface Area

Precision Ready Systems

PrecisionReadySystemsThe Precision Ready Systems include:

  • Cortical Compression Staple System
  • Internal Drive Mini-Screw
  • Opposing Force Compression Screw
  • Sterile, OR ready instrument and implant systems
  • Designed for repeatable outcomes
  • Single use, optimized for OR efficiency





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